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Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

The world is full of injustices, some are inflicted by people, but most others are natural. For example, it is natural that a young person is born in Africa, but is it natural that they are deprived of the opportunities that they need to thrive. As a young person who have lived all my life in my small Owerri town in Africa but have fought tooth and nail to get myself out of the shackles of poverty and deprivation that I have naturally found myself, I can say that it will be nearly impossible for anyone like me to get out of it without the work some nonprofits and social ventures like Skep Foundation is doing.

The Skep Foundation program since its inception has trained more than 2000 people in different career niches, mostly in STEM related areas, with the promise of linking these young talents to job opportunities in developed countries, but I believe that the success of the Skep Foundation program is not in the providing jobs to young people, but in helping thousands of them discover a potential career path.

Many of Skeps students are not employed under the Skep job board, but what Skep’s program has done is put these young talents on a career path, some of them have sought jobs for themselves and have since been employed.

The future of Africa lies in her young talents, and anyone who has walked a typical African street, say the streets of Lagos or Accra can easily discover this. Skep foundation is working to provide opportunities to so many of these young people who wouldn’t ordinarily look for these opportunities because they don’t know it exists in the first place. This is true because an average African youth thinks that the laptop is mostly used for internet fraud— yahoo yahoo which has since become an epidemic in countries like Nigeria, Ghana, and the Côte ‘D’ivoire.

If Skep foundation ends up helping these young people realize that there is a way to better use the laptop computer, that is already a win for the organization. I believe the work Skep Foundation is doing is going to change many lives, it might not solve all of Africa’s problems, but I believe it will change many individuals lives and that transformation’s ripple effect will be felt in many African communities.

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