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Giving Back

Skep Foundation believes that to be successful in what it is doing, it would need individuals, as well as organizations who believe in the same cause as Skep foundation to contribute through donations in sustaining Skeps Work. In this post, we will provide you reasons why supporting Skep’s cause will be beneficial to you, and provide you long term satisfaction, and visible value for your money.

First, a brief description of what Skep Foundation does. The African continent has the youngest population in the world, with over 60% of Africans below the age of 25, this is a promising continent with a lot of potential, but has very minimal opportunities in it. For anyone who has been to Africa, and walked on its streets will testify to this. The wastage of young talents is so damning, that you would wonder what is happening, but not to worry, Skep foundation discovered the root cause of the issue— Unemployment. In Nigeria alone, youth unemployment is at an all time high of 40%.

Skep Foundation believes that harnessing the power of the African workforce will create a path of sustainability for both Africans and anyone who is interested in partnering with them. The good thing is that while providing employment opportunities to Africans, you are contributing to solving one of the most lingering problems in Africa— youth unemployment.

Youth unemployment is the reason for the high rate of crime in Africa, youths joining rebel groups, and even joining terrorist organizations. In short, these are the five reasons we want you to invest in Skep Foundation’s cause today.

  1. Tackling a significant issue: Skep Foundation is addressing one of the most pressing issues in Africa today, which is youth unemployment. By donating to Skep, donors can contribute to solving this problem and help create a sustainable future for young Africans.
  2. Creating long-term impact: Donations to Skep Foundation can have a lasting impact on the lives of young people in Africa. By providing employment opportunities, Skep is helping to build a skilled workforce that can contribute to the economic growth of the continent.
  3. Promoting stability: Youth unemployment is often a driver of social instability and can lead to increased crime rates and even terrorism. By supporting Skep’s work, donors can help promote stability in the region and reduce the risk of these negative outcomes.
  4. Visible value for money: Skep Foundation is transparent about its activities and provides regular updates to donors. This means that donors can see the impact of their donations and feel confident that their money is being put to good use.
  5. Making a difference: Donating to Skep Foundation is an opportunity for individuals and organizations to make a meaningful difference in the lives of young Africans. By supporting Skep’s work, donors can be part of a movement that is creating positive change in the world.
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