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The #1 problem facing African young adults is the need for decent-paying jobs.

Join us on our mission to train Africans and help them secure Global jobs

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How are new students admitted into courses?

It depends on the program.

CareerWize medical coding program offers open enrollment. Students can begin the first three modules for free at any time.

The Grow with Google courses have limited enrollment. However, students can apply and be added to a queue until training licenses become available. Once students start, they will be given access to the Coursera learning platform.

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How are jobs secured after the course?

Skep Hire is a global employment organization that works closely with Skep Foundation to identify, secure and manage job opportunities for those individuals who have completed their training. Once students complete their training and successfully pass their certification exams, they advance to “the Bench”. Those on the Bench will be assigned to jobs as they become available. While they are waiting for jobs, they will undergo job readiness training to continue to prepare for employment opportunities.

Does Skep Foundation provide a way to get a low-cost computer?

Students are required to provide their own computers and internet access to complete Skep training programs. Once students complete their training, pass the certification exam, and are sourced to work, Skep will help them secure a loan for the equipment needed to work.

What are Skep training and sourcing loans?

Skep is comprised of two legal entities – Skep Foundation and Skep Hire. Skep Foundation is a nonprofit organization, and Skep Hire is a social impact LLC. They are collectively referred to as Skep. There is no charge for training programs offered by Skep Foundation.

Once individuals complete their coursework with Skep Foundation, they can engage Skep Hire to assist them secure employment. Skep Hire placement services cost $1800. The placement fee may be paid using a “pay-it-forward” loan.  The terms of the pay-it-forward loan are 0% interest, with no payments due until employment is secured, thereby eliminating any financial risk to participants. Pay-it-forward loans make the program sustainable and create a culture of students funding students.

What is the duration of the courses?

The medical billing and coding program through CareerWize is intense and rigorous, comprising 1000± hours of training.  If students put in 40 hours a week, it will take 25 weeks (6 months).

The Grow with Google courses are around 300 hours and are estimated to take 3-4 months.

Is the CareerWize medical billing and coding course the same as the ones offered at Ensign college or BYUI?

No, CareerWize is a separate organization, and the courses are distinct. In contrast to other medical billing & coding courses, CareerWize supports students from beginning to end, offering study materials (as part of the cost of the program), a virtual internship for students to practice coding before beginning work, and connection to jobs.