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People are your greatest asset, and remote work has opened up a world of possibilities. We make hiring someone from Africa for your team easy and profitable.
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Unlocking Global Talent

We know hiring someone from Africa can seem daunting. Skep has your back. We make it easy to hire qualified, diverse talent at a low cost.
Ready to diversify your workforce? Skep can help you find the talented, hardworking employees you’ve been searching for!
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Ready to Meet Your Employment Needs?


Employment and tax law can be complex. Skep provides compliance, regulatory, tax, and HR services to help you hire African freelance workers.


We understand every new hire impacts your organization. Your corporate culture is your greatest competitive advantage. Diverse teams add strength and perspective. We work with those you hire to help make sure they fit in and add value.


We make sure your workers have the tools they need to do their work. Every worker needs a quality laptop, high-speed internet, and a reliable power source.


We make hiring someone from Africa as easy as calling ADP or your payroll department. We ensure your remote workforce gets paid. No hassle, no mess.


We help you find qualified candidates and provide training programs to ensure those you hire possess the skills you need to make your business great.

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Please provide information about what you are looking for in regard to hiring or any questions you have.