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Our mission is to provide Africans with the resources, support, and opportunities they need to thrive in today’s global economy. Through strategic partnerships with employers, educational institutions, and donors, we aim to bridge the gap between talented individuals and rewarding careers.
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Our mission is to empower Africans by creating education and job opportunities that help them secure global employment.

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Our Impact

Through partnerships with other organizations, we offer top-notch training programs helping students gain the skills needed to succeed in the global workforce. We’re committed to building relationships with companies helping them find the best talent in Africa, creating opportunities for employers and students.

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3 Pillars

To achieve our mission we emphasize three operational pillars that form the foundation of our work.

Increase Digital Skill Capacity

We offer world-class online learning to train students and help them gain the skills they need to succeed in the job market. Content experts for each training niche and robust peer-to-peer mentoring ecosystem ensure that students receive personalized guidance and support throughout their journey.

Connect Talent to Markets

Skep connects skilled African talent to a consortium of employers and global job platforms. We simplify the onboarding and HR compliance process to mitigate the risks of hiring international talent. Access to remote workstations and a network of community-based coworking tech centers ensure a productive remote workforce.

Foster Entrepreneurship

Skep graduates are solopreneurs offering their expertise to local and international clients. With access to global communities of practice and a network of local business professionals, we help solopreneurs successfully transition into the formal economy.

Our Partners

We are grateful for our dedicated partners who share our mission to empower Africans to secure global jobs, and we welcome new collaborations. Working together, we create meaningful change.
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