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Africa, Why Africa?

This is the question asked by the U.S. Ambassador to Kenya and former CEO of eBay and HP Meg Whiteman in Africa while addressing audiences  at the recently concluded American Chamber of Commerce summit held last month. Read more here Meg asked this question considering that many peoples eyes are turning towards Africa in recent times.

But it is not only Meg who is asking this question at Skep. We have also met people, sponsors, and donors asking the same question. But why Africa?

Meg best put it, “Africa is the last and largest emerging market and offers the last big supply chain and consumer prospects with opportunities like the one Southeast Asia presented 20 years ago.”

How about the power of the African workforce? It is now an open statistics  that by 2050, one in four humans, a quarter of the world’s population, and one in three working-age people will live in Africa. Moreover, Africa has a very young population, the youngest in the world with 60% of the population under the age of 25.

This is the reason why Africa with its young and brilliant population offers a lot of potential, but these are the main reasons why Africa’s workforce is a power house that can service all of the world’s tech hubs and stations. The work that Skep foundation is doing in Africa is to empower Africa’s young people with the Skills and tools they need to thrive and compete with their counterparts from any continent.

Skep is currently training students in STEM related subjects, and a niche in Medical Billing and coding. The nexus of Skep’s work is to find opportunities for these young talents and help them to seize it. Skep is more like their partner in this journey.

Already there are lots of testimonials coming in from students who have completed their course and also from those who have started working already, but it is too early to start celebrating.

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